PwC survey: 77% of CEOs concerned about AI cybersecurity risks

Key Points:

  • Generative AI offers significant business benefits, including improving product quality, employee productivity, and company efficiency, which are expected to lead to an increase in profits.
  • Generative AI’s widespread adoption may intensify industry competition, requiring companies to focus on workforce skills and unlocking value from gen AI to differentiate themselves.
  • Addressing cybersecurity risks and building trust in generative AI are critical challenges for CEOs, who should prioritize responsible usage and earn organic trust within their organizations.


According to a new survey by PwC, global CEOs see great potential in generative AI but also acknowledge significant challenges, particularly regarding cybersecurity risks and building trust in the technology.


Executives expect generative AI to improve product quality, employee productivity, and company efficiency in the short and long term, with a subsequent positive impact on profits. However, increased capabilities in the industry may intensify competition.


The societal impact of generative AI remains unclear, with potential workforce shifts, and the need for companies to focus on hiring gen AI-savvy talent and upskilling existing employees. CEOs are advised to be transparent and purpose-driven in their AI-related plans and decisions to build trust among employees and address concerns.



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