New Deloitte gen AI report: Business leaders concerned about societal impact, tech talent

Key Points:

  • The majority of respondents expect generative AI to transform their organizations within three years, but there is a current focus on practical benefits and concerns about economic centralization and inequality.
  • Organizations are still heavily relying on off-the-shelf AI solutions instead of developing industry-specific generative AI solutions.
  • Businesses with high expertise in generative AI feel positive about the technology but also experience pressure to keep up with competition.


Generative AI is rapidly evolving, prompting consulting leader Deloitte to launch a new quarterly survey to explore its impact on enterprises. The survey revealed that while business leaders are optimistic about the potential of generative AI to transform their organizations in the next few years, they are currently primarily focused on practical benefits. Concerns exist about the centralization of economic power and increased inequality due to the widespread use of generative AI. Technical talent, regulatory compliance, and governing issues are seen as barriers to AI adoption. Deloitte’s Global Head of AI Institute, Beena Ammanath, expressed surprise at the level of consideration for the societal impact of generative AI and highlighted the reliance on off-the-shelf AI solutions. Organizations with high expertise in generative AI feel both positive about the technology and pressured to keep up with competition. The Deloitte survey will continue as an ongoing series to track the evolving landscape of generative AI.



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