Day: February 5, 2024

AI vision and autonomous lifeboats could be the future of sea rescue

Sam Mayall, a seasoned sailor, founded Zelim in 2017 to revolutionize remote-controlled search and rescue operations at sea, aiming to prevent accidents and save lives. Zelim’s AI-powered person-overboard detection technology, ZOE, has a 90% accuracy rate in real-time tracking of individuals, vessels, and objects in stormy seas, enhancing safety around offshore assets. In addition to […]

Google reportedly rebranding Bard to Gemini, adding ‘Advanced’ subscription service

Google has rebranded its AI assistant from Bard to Gemini, emphasizing accessibility to Google AI for all users across supported countries and languages. With the introduction of Gemini Advanced, users can access Google’s latest AI advancements, including the powerful Ultra 1.0 model, for complex tasks like coding and logical reasoning. The new Gemini app aims […]

EU member states approve world-first AI law

The European Union has approved the world’s first comprehensive AI regulation, known as the AI Act, after negotiations among all 27 member states. France, Germany, and Italy had reservations, with France being the last holdout before finally agreeing to the deal.   The AI Act aims to provide harmonized rules for artificial intelligence while ensuring […]

Bumble’s new AI tool identifies and blocks scam accounts, fake profiles

Bumble is launching a new AI-powered feature called Deception Detector to combat spam, scams, and fake profiles on its platform, with impressive initial testing results. Its deception Detector aims to automatically block 95% of identified spam or scam accounts and has already reduced user reports of malicious content by 45% within two months. Bumble’s research […]

Jua raises $16M to build a foundational AI model for the natural world, starting with the weather

Swiss startup Jua is aiming to build a large “physics” model for the natural world with a focus on predicting weather and climate patterns initially.   Jua’s $16 million seed round is co-led by 468 Capital and the Green Generation Fund, with plans to expand its AI model applications into industries including agriculture, insurance, transportation, […]

‘DignifAI:’ 4chan Is Editing Pictures to Clothe Women

In a surprising twist on digital innovation, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to combat the trend of “nudifying” apps by leveraging technology to dress women who are depicted as “undignified.” This unique initiative aims to challenge societal norms and promote respect and empowerment for women in the digital realm. The striking DignifAI profile […]

AI Dungeon: Artificial intelligence turns Gamemaster, creating infinite worlds to adventure in

Are you a fan of nostalgic text-based adventures or exploring the cutting edge of artificial intelligence in gaming? Look no further than AI Dungeon! This innovative game, while not new, is gaining popularity as more players rediscover the joys of text-based gaming with a modern twist.

Roblox breaks language barriers with AI-based real-time chat translation

Roblox, a popular gaming platform, has introduced an AI-powered real-time chat translation feature in 16 languages, revolutionizing global communication within the gaming community. This innovative technology allows users to seamlessly converse in their preferred language, transcending linguistic barriers and enhancing inclusivity on the platform.   The chat translation feature, based on Roblox’s proprietary artificial intelligence, […]

Microsoft in deal with Semafor to create news stories with aid of AI chatbot

In a savvy strategic move, Microsoft partners with media start-up Semafor to utilize AI chatbots in journalism, unveiling their initiative with a weighty investment in a breaking news feed named ‘Signals’. The collaboration aims to offer multiple global perspectives on significant stories through human-written posts leveraging AI as a research tool.   This bold move […]

Human resources gets AI upgrade with ADP Assist

Human resources (HR) professionals are facing increasing demands in today’s evolving workplace landscape, fueled by fragmentation and remote work scenarios.   ADP, a leading HR and employee benefits software systems provider, has launched ADP Assist, a generative AI-powered chatbot tool aimed at assisting HR managers with common queries and tasks.   ADP Assist offers features […]

Deepfake Video Call Scams Finance Bro Out of $25 Million

Welcome to the age of digital deception! In a jaw-dropping heist straight out of a Hollywood thriller, a finance worker in Hong Kong was conned into wiring over $25 million to scammers posing as his colleagues and company CFO in a sophisticated deepfake video call. The employee, initially suspicious of phishing attempts, fell victim to […]

Zuck Brags About How Much of Your Facebook, Instagram Posts Will Power His AI

Meta, formerly Facebook, is using users’ public posts on Instagram and Facebook to train powerful AI tools, making their social media profiles one of the most valuable datasets globally. Mark Zuckerberg boasted about Meta’s vast library of user-generated content during an earnings call, emphasizing the immense value of personal data in training AI models like […]



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