Microsoft in deal with Semafor to create news stories with aid of AI chatbot

Key Points:

  • Microsoft collaborating with media start-up Semafor for AI chatbot in news development
  • “Signals” feed offers breaking news and global perspectives by journalists supported by AI
  • Concerns in media industry regarding generative AI’s impact on revenue, Microsoft facing lawsuit from New York Times


In a savvy strategic move, Microsoft partners with media start-up Semafor to utilize AI chatbots in journalism, unveiling their initiative with a weighty investment in a breaking news feed named ‘Signals’. The collaboration aims to offer multiple global perspectives on significant stories through human-written posts leveraging AI as a research tool.


This bold move by Microsoft coincides with their announcement of collaborations with prominent journalist organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI in media, highlighting the balance between technological advancements and traditional journalistic integrity.


Semafor, funded by notable individuals and boasting substantial revenue from its free-to-read content, takes a unique approach to breaking news by combining verified facts with deep analysis, contrasting the rushed narrative often seen in online news platforms with rich contextualization and diverse viewpoints.



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