Jua raises $16M to build a foundational AI model for the natural world, starting with the weather

Key Points:

  • Large AI models are becoming crucial in AI development, akin to operating systems for smartphones.
  • Jua, a Swiss startup, secured $16 million to develop a comprehensive AI model focusing on predicting weather and climate patterns initially, using a holistic approach with vast amounts of data.
  • Jua sets itself apart by aiming to be more robust, efficient, and cost-effective compared to existing AI models, with the ambition to create foundational AI models for various industries reliant on understanding nature.


Swiss startup Jua is aiming to build a large “physics” model for the natural world with a focus on predicting weather and climate patterns initially.


Jua’s $16 million seed round is co-led by 468 Capital and the Green Generation Fund, with plans to expand its AI model applications into industries including agriculture, insurance, transportation, and government by ingesting vast amounts of data for more accurate modeling and forecasting.


Differentiating itself from existing AI models, Jua aims to be more robust and efficient, using a holistic approach to incorporating diverse data sources while significantly lowering operational costs for itself and its customers, all underpinned by the ambition to develop foundational AI models for a wide range of industries dependent on understanding nature.



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