Day: November 27, 2023

Salesforce and AWS Expand Partnership for Customers to More Easily Build Trusted AI Apps

Salesforce and AWS have deepened their partnership, expanding product integrations across data and AI, and making select Salesforce products available on the AWS Marketplace. This allows joint customers to seamlessly manage their data across both platforms and infuse the latest generative AI technologies into their applications and workflows. The joint innovations aim to enhance data […]

An AI Tool Just Revealed Almost 200 New Systems for CRISPR Gene Editing

CRISPR is a gene editing system that scientists are continually searching to improve. A team at MIT and Harvard used AI to narrow down billions of genetic sequences to find potential new CRISPR-based systems. They discovered thousands of new biological parts, some of which could provide better precision and fewer side effects in gene editing. […]

Cradle’s AI-powered protein programming platform levels up with $24M in new funding

Biotech and AI startup Cradle has raised $24 million in new investment and secured major customers such as Johnson & Johnson and Novozymes. Cradle takes a generative approach to protein design, using AI models to understand the molecular structure of proteins. By doing so, they can significantly reduce the time and number of experiments needed […]

GPT-4’s potential in shaping the future of radiology

Researchers are exploring the potential of GPT-4, an artificial intelligence model, in the field of radiology. The paper, titled “Exploring the Boundaries of GPT-4 in Radiology,” highlights GPT-4’s abilities and limitations in processing radiology reports. The research involved evaluating GPT-4’s performance in tasks such as disease classification and findings summarization. GPT-4 demonstrated new state-of-the-art performance […]

Inside U.S. Efforts to Untangle an A.I. Giant’s Ties to China

The United Arab Emirates’ national security adviser, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, visited the White House and raised concerns about G42, an AI firm controlled by the sheikh that American officials believe is hiding the extent of its work with China. G42 has publicly announced partnerships and impressive growth, but classified intelligence reports indicate concerning ties […]

Tech Conference Collapses After Organizer Admits to Making Fake ‘Auto-Generated’ Female Speaker

The Devternity conference, organized by Eduard Sizovs, has faced a crisis as allegations surfaced claiming that Sizovs fabricated female speakers to promote diversity. This controversy has led to several prominent speakers withdrawing from the event.

Wikipedia Founder Says ChatGPT-4 Is Terrible At Writing Wikipedia Articles

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has criticized OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT for its shortcomings in writing articles on Wikipedia. Wales called ChatGPT-4 “terrible” and described it as a “mess.” He believes it currently misses important details, provides inaccurate information, and even fabricates sources. Despite these criticisms, Wales suggests that AI tools will continue to […]

U.S., U.K., and Global Partners Release Secure AI System Development Guidelines

In the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI), it seems that security is the buzzword of the day. The U.K., the U.S., and a bunch of other countries have come together to release new guidelines for developing secure AI systems. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why do we need guidelines for something that’s not […]

5 ways Amazon is using AI to improve your holiday shopping and deliver your package faster

Ah, Cyber Monday, the day when shopping becomes a competitive sport and wallets tremble in fear. And who better to dominate this day of online deals than Amazon, the retail giant that embraces artificial intelligence like it’s going out of style (which it isn’t, by the way).     Amazon knows that Cyber Monday is […]

Sports Illustrated reportedly published articles from fake AI authors

Sports Illustrated_ published articles attributed to fake AI-generated authors, including “Drew Ortiz” and “Sora Tanaka.”

This virtual garage sale lets you haggle with AIs to buy Tesla stock, a PS5 or a toilet magazine

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, the AI Garage Sale brings the excitement of haggling to the digital realm. This quirky website allows you to engage in virtual negotiations with AI, attempting to score deals on everything from nostalgic treasures like a 1997 Tamagotchi to modern must-haves like AirPods and even Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets. […]

MeshGPT: Generating Triangle Meshes with Decoder-Only Transformers

We introduce MeshGPT, a new approach for generating triangle meshes that reflects the compactness typical of artist-created meshes, in contrast to dense triangle meshes extracted by iso-surfacing methods from neural fields. Inspired by recent advances in powerful large language models, we adopt a sequence-based approach to autoregressively generate triangle meshes as sequences of triangles. We […]

US, Britain, other countries ink agreement to make AI ‘secure by design’

In a groundbreaking international agreement, the United States, Britain, and a coalition of 16 other countries have come together to address the pressing issue of keeping artificial intelligence (AI) safe from rogue actors. In a 20-page document, the countries highlighted the need for AI systems that prioritize security from the design phase. While the agreement […]



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