Sports Illustrated reportedly published articles from fake AI authors

Key Points:

  • The authors’ headshots were found for sale on an AI-generated image website, raising suspicions of more fake writers.
  • The Arena Group, the publisher of Sports Illustrated, denied that the stories were AI-generated.
  • Similar incidents have occurred before, like when a disclaimer appeared on articles published by Reviewed, accusing the site of publishing AI-generated content.
  • AdVon Commerce, a company that offers ML/AI solutions for e-commerce, seems to be behind the strange articles on both Reviewed and Sports Illustrated.
  • Gannett confirmed that AdVon Commerce produced maybe-AI-maybe-not-AI reviews for them under the name ASR Group Holdings.
  • The stories on Sports Illustrated link back to AdVon, and some writers credited on other websites owned by The Arena Group work at AdVon Commerce.
  • The partnership between AdVon and The Arena Group is under review following the allegations of AI-generated content.
  • The Arena Group spokesperson confirmed the involvement of AdVon but stated that all articles were written and edited by humans.
  • AdVon had writers use pen names in certain articles to protect author privacy, actions that The Arena Group does not condone.
  • The content is being removed, and an internal investigation is ongoing.


Sports Illustrated_ published articles attributed to fake AI-generated authors, including “Drew Ortiz” and “Sora Tanaka.”



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