This virtual garage sale lets you haggle with AIs to buy Tesla stock, a PS5 or a toilet magazine

Key Points:

  • AI Garage Sale is an operable website where you can haggle with AI to purchase items you’d find at a garage sale, from worthless junk to a brand new PS5.
  • The AI is trained extensively to learn how haggling works, but it can sell items at any price, potentially leading to a serious bargain.
  • The website features a mix of typical garage sale items and some bizarre ones, like a 10-foot tall inflatable tube man.
  • Despite various haggling methods, the AI remains stubborn, sticking to its prices.
  • Brain, the art studio behind AI Garage Sale, aims to create humor and commentary on the tech industry through their projects.


In the spirit of Cyber Monday, the AI Garage Sale brings the excitement of haggling to the digital realm. This quirky website allows you to engage in virtual negotiations with AI, attempting to score deals on everything from nostalgic treasures like a 1997 Tamagotchi to modern must-haves like AirPods and even Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets. Yes, you read that right – garage sale items and Olivia Rodrigo pit tickets, because nothing says “bargain hunting” like a teenage pop sensation.


But be warned, my friend, these AI-powered hagglers are no pushovers. They are trained to resist your persuasive tactics and hold their ground. I mean, I tried everything from claiming the Big Mouth Billy Bass was haunted to pretending I was the one selling them something, but these AIs wouldn’t budge. They’re like the immovable objects of the virtual garage sale world.


Brain, the art studio responsible for this delightful madness, wants to tickle your funny bone while offering a commentary on the tech industry. They’ve carefully curated a collection of items you’d expect to find at an actual midwestern garage sale, with a sprinkle of absurdity to keep you on your toes. And trust me, after spending a solid chunk of my day attempting to outwit these AIs, I can confidently say that they succeeded in their mission.


So, if you’re in the mood to haggle with AI for some questionable purchases and potentially waste your precious time, head on over to the AI Garage Sale. Who knows, you might just snag a deal that’s too good to be true, or at the very least, have a good laugh at the expense of virtual shopkeepers. Happy haggling, my fellow AI enthusiasts!



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