Tierra Biosciences nabs $11M to create new AI-guided proteins

Key Points:

  • Developed platform for AI-guided, custom protein synthesis
  • Uses cell-free technology to accelerate protein development timeline
  • Expanding commercialization efforts with new Series A funding


San Leandro-based Tierra Biosciences is revolutionizing protein development with its AI-guided custom protein synthesis platform. By enabling customers to order proteins online for a variety of applications, from antibodies to growth factors, Tierra significantly accelerates the protein development process. Through its cell-free reagents and robotic platform, Tierra can create proteins in a matter of weeks, providing customers with crucial data on stability and solubility.


Unlike traditional methods that rely on living cells, Tierra’s technology offers a faster and more efficient approach, reducing the development timeline and providing valuable insights on protein functionality. With a robust AI data model and the ability to produce thousands of proteins, Tierra has secured significant funding and partnerships with government agencies. The company’s recent $11.4 million Series A funding round, led by Material Impact, sets the stage for further expansion and commercialization.


Under the leadership of CEO Michael Nemzek, Tierra plans to broaden its customer base and enhance its AI data generation capabilities. By focusing on industry-specific cell-free systems and increasing protein production quantities, Tierra aims to address a wide range of customer needs. The company’s innovative approach to protein development not only streamlines the process but also opens up possibilities for designing novel proteins beyond what nature offers.


As Tierra Biosciences continues to make strides in the biotech industry, its cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships position it as a key player in the advancement of protein synthesis and customization.



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