Microsoft expands Copilot data protection so more users can chat with ease

Key Points:

  • Copilot is a strong competitor to ChatGPT with additional features like GPT-4, internet access, and footnotes.
  • Microsoft announced the expansion of commercial data protection availability in Copilot for eligible users at no extra cost.
  • Commercial data protection ensures user data confidentiality and will be available to users with specific Microsoft licenses starting in late February.


Microsoft’s Copilot emerges as a robust ChatGPT rival, equipped with features comparable to OpenAI’s chatbot along with additional enhancements like GPT-4, online accessibility, and footnotes. This new development caters to both professionals and students, providing them with a secure and efficient chatbot experience.


In a recent announcement, Microsoft unveiled the expansion of its commercial data protection services for Copilot, granting more users with eligible work or student Entra ID accounts access to this protection at no extra charge. This advancement underscores Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing user security and privacy within Copilot.


The commercial data protection feature addresses significant privacy concerns associated with generative AI chatbots by ensuring that user interactions remain confidential. Data such as prompts and responses are not stored for model training purposes, and Microsoft does not have access to user or chat data, assuring users of their data’s safety and privacy.


Users can easily identify the activation of data protection through a “Protected” badge next to their profile icon and a message stating “Your personal and company data are protected” displayed above the chatbox. This visual cue confirms the implementation of data security measures seamlessly within the Copilot interface.


Moreover, users can access enhanced data protection features across various platforms, including the Copilot app on mobile devices, major web browsers, Microsoft Edge’s sidebar, and Windows taskbar, ensuring a consistent and secure experience. Users with eligible licenses like Microsoft 365 F1, Microsoft Office 365 E1/E1 Plus/E3/E5/F3, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, and Microsoft 365 Apps for business will gain complimentary access to commercial data protection in Copilot starting in late February.


Microsoft’s proactive approach aims to expand the availability of commercial data protection in Copilot to a wider user base, including both organizations and educational institutions. This strategic move is poised to enhance productivity and creativity among users, emphasizing Microsoft’s overarching goal to extend data protection benefits to all Entra ID users in the future.



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