Day: November 14, 2023

Atlas Raises $6M To Launch 3D Generative AI Platform Accelerating the Future of Gaming and Virtual Worldbuilding

Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform, has raised $6 million in seed funding to launch its platform that partners with game developers and brands to create virtual worlds and experiences in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. The platform allows developers to generate detailed 3D models from reference images and text, and […]

Ghostbuster: Detecting Text Ghostwritten by Large Language Models

In a world where AI-generated text is causing a stir, Ghostbuster comes to the rescue like a superhero with its remarkable ability to detect AI-generated text. Large language models like ChatGPT may write impressively well, but they’ve become a problem, with students using them to ghostwrite assignments. Schools have even had to ban ChatGPT to […]

NYC Will Soon Be Home to 15 Robot-Run Vegetarian Restaurants From Chipotle’s Founder

Well, well, well, it seems like Steve Ells, the founder of everyone’s favorite burrito joint, Chipotle, is back at it again! This time, he’s diving into the world of vegetarian fast-casual dining with a twist of robotics. Ells is opening Kernel, a restaurant that will rely heavily on our metallic friends to whip up some […]



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