Americans’ use of ChatGPT is ticking up, but few trust its election information

Key Points:

  • About four-in-ten Americans don’t trust the information that comes from ChatGPT about the 2024 U.S. presidential election
  • Use of ChatGPT has increased among different age groups and education levels since last year
  • The share of employed Americans who have used ChatGPT for work has risen significantly in the past year


In a recent study by the Pew Research Center, it was revealed that the use of ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot, has been on the rise in the United States. Approximately 23% of U.S. adults have used ChatGPT, reflecting an increase from 18% in July 2023. The survey, conducted in February, explored how Americans engage with the chatbot, highlighting various use cases such as workplace tasks, learning, and entertainment.


Despite the rising popularity of ChatGPT, there exists some skepticism among the public, particularly regarding information related to the 2024 U.S. presidential election. About 40% of adults express either low or no trust in the election information provided by ChatGPT. In comparison, only a mere 2% have a significant level of trust in this regard.


The survey involved 10,133 U.S. adults and was conducted from February 7 to February 11, 2024. Participants were members of the Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel (ATP), ensuring a diverse representation of the adult U.S. population in terms of demographics.


Noteworthy demographic trends emerged from the study. Young adults under 30 were the most frequent users of ChatGPT, with 43% having utilized the chatbot, showcasing a 10-point increase since the previous survey. Additionally, highly educated individuals, specifically those with postgraduate degrees, were more likely to have engaged with ChatGPT compared to those with lower levels of education.


The study also delved into reasons for using ChatGPT, with a notable uptick in its application for workplace tasks. The percentage of employed Americans leveraging ChatGPT for work spiked from 8% in March 2023 to 20% in February 2024, a significant growth.


Regarding trust in ChatGPT’s election-related information, a substantial portion of Americans expressed doubt, with 38% indicating low levels of trust. This sentiment was consistent across political affiliations, with both Republicans and Democrats displaying skepticism towards the chatbot’s election insights. Notably, only a small fraction of adults had sought election-related information from ChatGPT, revealing a gap between usage and trust.



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