Adobe introduces structure reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio for brands

Key Points:

  • Adobe introduces GenStudio application for creating generative AI assets for campaigns.
  • New feature called “Structure reference” allows users to upload images guiding subsequent image generations.
  • Adobe’s commitment to integrating generative AI capabilities across various applications and platforms.


Adobe introduced its innovative GenStudio application at the ongoing Adobe Summit to empower enterprises and brands in creating generative AI assets for campaigns. This new application ensures more user control with its unique “Structure reference” feature, allowing users to upload an image to guide subsequent image generations in terms of arrangement rather than style or content.


The GenStudio application, part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, acts as a central hub for brands by providing tools for planning marketing campaigns, creating content, activating digital experiences, and measuring performance. It simplifies content generation, enabling users to track campaigns, manage briefs, and create audience-centric assets for various distribution channels. GenStudio integrates with Adobe Workfront for efficient project management.


Alongside GenStudio, Adobe unveiled the Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant, enhancing team productivity by answering queries, automating tasks, and generating new audiences and journeys within Adobe’s enterprise software suite. The company’s commitment to integrating generative AI extends to specific applications like Adobe Experience Manager, enabling instant personalized asset variations aligned with performance goals.


The introduction of the “Structure reference” feature by Adobe’s Firefly AI image generator revolutionizes the control users have over AI-generated outputs. This feature allows users to upload an image or a sketch guiding the arrangement and sizing of elements in subsequent image generations, providing consistency and precision important for creative agencies, designers, and enterprises.


While Firefly features are integrated into various Adobe Creative Cloud applications, the “Structure reference” feature is currently exclusive to the stand-alone Firefly app. Despite concerns from Adobe Stock contributors regarding imagery usage, Adobe assures users of its model’s commercial safety, emphasizing its licensing practices with over 400 million images solely from Adobe Stock.



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