With ‘Charlie,’ Pfizer is building a new generative AI platform for pharma marketing

Key Points:

  • Pfizer developed a new generative AI platform named Charlie to improve content supply chains and marketing operations.
  • Charlie focuses on improving the content supply chain by assisting with content creation, editing, fact-checking, and legal reviews in highly regulated industries like pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Pfizer collaborates with Publicis Groupe to customize and evolve Charlie, ensuring data governance, accuracy, and privacy, with potential annual economic value for the pharma industry.


Pfizer, the renowned pharmaceutical giant, has introduced a cutting-edge AI platform named “Charlie,” paying homage to the company’s co-founder Charles Pfizer. This innovative platform marks a significant milestone as Pfizer delves into enhancing content supply chains and reshaping its marketing landscape. “Charlie” is currently being integrated into Pfizer’s marketing organization, involving hundreds of staffers in the central marketing team and numerous personnel across various brands, along with agency partners like Publicis Groupe and IPG.


The primary thrust of Pfizer’s strategy focuses on streamlining its content supply chain, as highlighted by Bill Worple, Pfizer’s vp of customer engagement platforms and technology. Charlie’s capabilities extend from content creation and editing to fact-checking and legal reviews, particularly crucial in the tightly regulated pharmaceutical marketing sector. Employing a risk labeling system, Charlie identifies assets requiring meticulous scrutiny by the medical review team, optimizing resource allocation. Furthermore, the platform aims to amplify content creation by generating messaging that resonates with healthcare providers and patients alike, a priority accentuated by Worple.


Beyond content creation, Charlie aspires to serve as a comprehensive workbench for Pfizer’s marketing ensemble. This entails integrating media analytics, competitive insights, and data gleaned from diverse websites into a unified platform. Charlie’s incorporation into Adobe platforms such as Workfront and Experience Manager enhances users’ decision-making by synthesizing insights from varied dashboards. Additionally, integrations with platforms like Slack facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among employees.


Initially focusing on digital media, emails, and sales team presentations, Pfizer is exploring avenues such as aiding in medical article drafting for Charlie. The platform harnesses large language models to extrapolate insights across therapeutic domains, facilitating enhanced customer understanding and targeted messaging. By delving into customer demographics and pain points, Pfizer aims to refine its communication strategies for a more personalized approach.


Powered by a customized ChatGPT variant, Charlie leverages recommendation algorithms while incorporating natural language processing for internal queries and marketing data analyses. Partnering with Publicis Groupe, the creators of Marcel AI, Pfizer has meticulously tailored Charlie to suit its unique requirements. Realizing the sensitivity of healthcare data, Pfizer ensures robust data governance protocols to uphold accuracy and privacy standards.


The advent of generative AI in marketing heralds transformative possibilities, with analysts projecting substantial economic value generation for pharmaceutical and medical industries. Embracing generative AI could halve content creation costs, augment production pipelines, and expedite content approval processes significantly. Marketers are enthusiastic about leveraging generative AI for global content rollouts, translating, and customizing content for diverse markets.


While Pfizer spearheads AI-driven innovations in marketing, other players such as CMI Media Group are also unveiling their generative AI tools. Dubbed a game-changer in enhancing personalized content generation and optimizing ad performance, generative AI is set to revolutionize marketing paradigms, offering a myriad of testing opportunities to gauge audience responsiveness effectively.



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