Indeed announces AI-powered work experience writer and support for multiple resumes

Key Points:

  • Indeed has redesigned the profile page for users, adding an AI-powered writer for work experience and support for multiple resumes.
  • Smart sourcing suites for recruiters have been launched with features like AI-powered candidate summaries and messaging tools.
  • Indeed is focusing on making the hiring process easier and ensuring people get the right jobs, aiming to differentiate itself from LinkedIn as a platform to get more people hired.


Indeed has unveiled a revamped profile page with enhanced AI-powered features to improve user experience and better compete with industry rivals. The platform now offers an AI-driven writer to assist users in crafting detailed work descriptions and the ability to save up to five resumes for tailored job applications across various roles.


In a bid to streamline the hiring process, Indeed has introduced a smart sourcing suite for recruiters aimed at minimizing irrelevant outreach by providing tools like AI-generated candidate summaries and customized messages. By default, the platform now displays user profiles to recruiters, making it simpler to access settings for increased visibility.


Moreover, the company has integrated AI-driven smart messaging and automated interview scheduling tools to facilitate communication between hiring managers and job seekers. Notably, during testing, recruiters utilizing the smart sourcing feature reportedly saved up to six hours per week, highlighting the efficiency gains from these new functionalities.


To address concerns about biases and ensure accuracy in AI-generated summaries, Indeed has established a responsible AI team dedicated to preventing harm. This move reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining fairness and inclusivity in its AI-powered features.


In a competitive landscape where rivals like LinkedIn have also leveraged AI across various aspects of their platforms, Deepti Patibandla, senior director of Product at Indeed, emphasized the company’s core focus on facilitating hiring processes and helping individuals find suitable employment opportunities efficiently. Patibandla outlined Indeed’s commitment to ensuring users are matched with relevant job opportunities, steering clear of indiscriminate job searches.


Looking ahead, Indeed aims to further enhance its recruitment offerings and enable users to shape their career trajectories by leveraging the platform’s capabilities. Despite a previous round of layoffs amounting to 15% of its workforce, Indeed remains steadfast in its mission to optimize the hiring experience and assist individuals in securing meaningful employment opportunities.



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