Reltio expands master data management with AI-powered Customer 360 Data Product

Key Points:

  • Reltio’s new Customer 360 Data Product focuses on providing organizations with a unified view of customers.
  • The product integrates enhanced AI features, including the Reltio Intelligence Assistant (RIA) and Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN) for ensuring data record accuracy.
  • Reltio is positioning its new offering as a data product that goes beyond typical Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities, offering data observability and a focus on enhancing the conversational experience.


Reltio, a company specializing in master data management (MDM), has introduced a new product called Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, expanding into the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space. This product, built on the Reltio Connected Data Platform, aims to provide organizations with a unified view of customers. Incorporating advanced AI features such as the Reltio Intelligence Assistant (RIA) and Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN), the company is focusing on enhancing data accuracy and delivering a comprehensive 360-degree customer view across industries.


Reltio’s FERN approach utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) to accelerate entity resolution, enabling fast and accurate string comparisons for entity matching with cross-language capabilities. With entity resolution taking under 50 milliseconds, Reltio’s solution is suitable for real-time data processing. The company’s AI-driven RIA technology simplifies data queries by allowing natural language interactions, removing the need for structured query language (SQL) expertise.
Reltio is redefining the traditional CDP model by treating data as a product with specific purposes. By offering data observability within the Customer 360 Data Product, Reltio ensures constant data monitoring, API access, and integration into analytics systems. Future plans include expanding data domains by vertical and use case while refining the conversational experience based on customer feedback.



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