Hailo lands $120 million to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle

Key Points:

  • The funding climate for AI chip startups is becoming challenging.
  • Hailo has found success in designing specialized chips for AI workloads on edge devices.
  • Hailo has secured significant investments and has over 300 customers, positioning itself for long-term growth in the AI chip space.


In a shifting landscape where AI chip startups are facing challenges in securing funding, Hailo, a standout player in the ultra-competitive arena, is making waves. Founded in 2017 by Orr Danon and Avi Baum, Hailo specializes in designing chips that efficiently handle AI workloads on edge devices with lower power consumption and memory usage. This innovative approach positions Hailo as a key player in sectors like automotive, security, retail, and more.


Despite the funding climate casting shadows on the industry, Hailo recently received a significant investment of $120 million, signaling confidence in its future growth and potential to revolutionize AI processing on edge devices. With over 300 customers across various industries, Hailo’s strategic positioning and innovative technology have garnered attention and support from financial backers and industry experts alike.


While skeptics question Hailo’s ability to compete with established chip giants like Nvidia, a Stanford professor of electrical engineering and computer science believes that specialized accelerator chips like Hailo’s will become indispensable as AI adoption expands. Although challenges such as software support and technology longevity exist, Hailo’s focus on addressing issues like latency, cost, and scalability in cloud-based AI inference sets it apart in the market.


Looking ahead, Danon remains optimistic about Hailo’s prospects, emphasizing the company’s role in meeting the rising demand for edge AI applications across various sectors. The surge in generative AI applications further underscores the relevance of Hailo’s hardware solutions, positioning the company favorably within a rapidly evolving technological landscape.



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