Humane’s AI “Pin” Is a $700 Flaming Dumpster Fire

Key Points:

  • The $700 AI Pin gadget is disappointing
  • The device has major functionality issues according to reviews
  • The AI Pin is considered a first-generation product with potential for improvement


Humane, an AI startup that generated significant buzz after securing $100 million in funding for its “Pin” device, has recently faced reviews that label the gadget as disappointing. Priced at $700, with an additional $24 monthly subscription fee, the lapel-mounted, screenless Pin struggled to perform basic tasks like accurately reporting the weather and translating text. Critics from prominent tech outlets like The Verge, Wired, and Engadget_ criticized the device’s functionality, with instances of delays in responses, inaccurate translations, and a clunky user interface. Despite some mild praise from The Washington Post_, the overall consensus hails the AI Pin as a first-generation product with numerous flaws.


The Pin, designed as a smartphone alternative to reduce screen time, lacks sufficient battery life and fails to deliver on its innovative features. It employs a unique “Laser Ink” projector that shines text onto the user’s palm; however, the quality is subpar. Reviewers noted that the Pin struggled to fulfill its intended purposes and frequently encountered operational issues. Humane’s aspiration to revolutionize consumer tech may face challenges as the company grapples with financial difficulties, including layoffs of approximately four percent of its workforce.


Critics have highlighted the Pin’s inadequacies as a cautionary tale, suggesting that consumers may need to exercise prudence when investing in purported tech solutions. The device, while ambitious in concept, falls short in execution, showcasing the current limitations of AI technology. As Humane navigates its product challenges and strives for future iterations, the questionable viability of the AI Pin underscores the complexities of developing innovative tech solutions that resonate with consumers.



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