Meta will require labels on more AI-generated content

Key Points:

  • Meta implementing “Made with AI” label
  • Expanding scope of AI-generated content labeling
  • Changes in moderation approach for AI-generated material


Meta is updating its policy regarding AI-generated content on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads by introducing a new “Made with AI” label starting in May. The company admits that its current policy is too narrow and will now expand it to include more video, audio, and image content. This decision follows recommendations from Meta’s Oversight Board, who highlighted the need to address a broader spectrum of AI-generated content that has become prevalent online.


The new policy aims to label content as AI-generated either when users disclose the use of AI tools or when Meta detects specific AI image indicators. This update aligns with Meta’s efforts to stay ahead of the evolving technology landscape, where realistic AI-generated content, including audio and photos, has become more common. The company acknowledges the importance of combating manipulation that alters a person’s actions or statements through AI.


Additionally, Meta plans to adjust its moderation approach to AI-generated material, starting in July. Instead of automatically removing such content, it will now focus on providing more context, as advised by the Oversight Board. However, material that violates existing community guidelines, such as those related to bullying, voter interference, or harassment, will still be subject to removal regardless of whether AI tools were involved in its creation.


These updates reflect Meta’s commitment to tackling the challenges posed by AI-generated content while balancing the need for transparency and user protection. By working closely with its Oversight Board and responding to evolving technological trends, Meta aims to create a safer and more informed online environment for its users across platforms.



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