Meta is stuffing its AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs

Key Points:

  • Meta AI added to Instagram as a general-purpose chatbot
  • Meta AI featured in Instagram’s search bar and Direct Messaging
  • Meta AI capabilities include answering questions, generating images, and offering recommendations


Meta AI, Meta’s general-purpose, AI-powered chatbot, has made its debut on Instagram, offering users the ability to ask questions, write poetry, and generate images through simple text prompts. The introduction of Meta AI to Instagram follows its unveiling in September 2023 and subsequent integration into other Meta-owned platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Although not available to all users yet, Meta AI is being gradually rolled out, with TechCrunch noting its presence in Instagram’s search bar and Direct Messaging inbox. Users can engage with the chatbot just like messaging a friend, requesting definitions of words, headline suggestions, or even images of dogs on skateboards. Interestingly, Meta AI’s functionality appears to be consistent across different Meta apps, as demonstrated when one user received Reels recommendations in WhatsApp, indicating a uniform chatbot experience across platforms.


Aside from providing answers and generating content, Meta AI also offers a wide range of actions through a hamburger menu within the bot, allowing users to explore various functions. While the practicality of having a chatbot on Instagram for tasks like credit card debt management or fitness debates may be questionable, the versatility of Meta AI’s capabilities enables users to engage with it on a multitude of topics, demonstrating Meta’s ambition to integrate AI-driven experiences seamlessly across its platforms.



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