Limitless’ $99 AI wearable to promises to remember your meetings and, well, everything else

Key Points:

  • Limitless is launching a wearable AI device called Pendant focused on meeting transcription and work productivity.
  • Users can easily record meetings, bookmark moments, ask questions, and retrieve specific information using Pendant.
  • Pendant offers features like unlimited cloud storage, high-level data encryption, compatibility with various tools, and comes in eight colors at a cost of $99.


Limitless, formerly known as Rewind, is revolutionizing the world of work productivity by integrating its meeting transcription AI into a sleek wearable device called Pendant. In a departure from the complex functionalities that marred the reputation of Humane AI’s Pin wearable, Limitless is focusing solely on improving meetings. The Pendant, designed for effortless use, can be discreetly worn as a lapel pin, collar accessory, or necklace, and is equipped with features such as weatherproofing and a magnetic clasp.


Users of the Pendant simply need to click the device to swiftly join and record meetings, or tap it during discussions to mark important moments. Furthermore, the Pendant’s AI transcription service enables it to generate summaries, key takeaways, and notes based on recorded conversations. The device also allows wearers to ask questions by tapping and holding, with the AI processing the audio to retrieve specific information, demonstrating its memory-enhancing capabilities.


Limitless envisions the Pendant transcending work scenarios to capture insights from various aspects of life, such as casual conversations, medical appointments, and personal reflections. However, concerns regarding privacy are being addressed, as Limitless ensures data protection by anonymizing and deleting recordings after 30 days. The Pendant features a Consent Mode that selectively records voices of individuals who have agreed to be recorded, bolstering privacy measures.


With features like unlimited cloud storage, advanced data encryption, and a remarkable 100-hour battery life, the Pendant is positioned as a versatile tool compatible with popular conferencing platforms and devices. Priced at $99 and available in eight colors, the Pendant offers users a choice between free access with limited AI functions or a $19 monthly plan for enhanced features. Set to launch in August, the Pendant promises to redefine how individuals engage with and extract value from their daily interactions, ultimately enhancing productivity and capturing life’s moments seamlessly.



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