EA CEO called generative AI a ‘billion dollar opportunity’ in gaming

Key Points:

  • Generative AI could offer deeper, more immersive experiences in the gaming industry
  • Advancements in generative AI technology are enabling faster and more efficient creation of personalized content at EA
  • Rapid development of generative AI is expected to lead to significant audience expansion in the next five years


EA CEO Andrew Wilson foresees generative AI revolutionizing the gaming industry in the next five years, enabling deeper and more immersive experiences for players. Speaking at a conference, Wilson highlighted the technology’s potential to streamline content creation, leading to significant audience expansion.


Wilson emphasized EA’s embrace of generative AI, countering fears of job displacement with optimism about faster development processes. He illustrated this with an example of reducing stadium-building time from six months to mere weeks, showcasing the technology’s efficiency gains.


Specifically, Wilson cited FIFA23’s 12 player movement options expanding to 1,200 in EA Sports FC 24, all thanks to generative AI. He predicted that empowering players worldwide to create content on their platform would unlock a lucrative multi-billion dollar opportunity for EA through platform economics.



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