AI Video Startup Raises $8 Million to Animate Social Media Characters

Key Points:

  • Higgsfield secures $8 million in seed fundraising for AI video creation tools
  • Focus on responsible development and democratization of AI video creation
  • Priority on empowering marketing departments for social media marketing with AI-generated content


San Francisco-based AI developer Higgsfield has successfully secured an $8 million seed funding round that it plans to reinvest in its video creation tools tailored for marketers engaging with social media content. The company emphasizes responsible AI development and the democratization of AI video creation, distancing itself from creating feature-length AI-generated videos for movies.

Led by Menlo Ventures, the funding round included participation from notable investors such as Charge Ventures, Bitkraft Ventures, and others, along with angel investors. CEO Alex Mashrabov, formerly of Snap, co-founded Higgsfield last year as his third startup, focusing on the creation of personalized, AI-generated animated videos through their flagship mobile app, Diffuse.

The decision to prioritize mobile platforms for learning from users aligns with Higgsfield’s goal of facilitating social media marketing, emphasizing ease of use without deep technical knowledge. The company’s unique cartoon animation style serves the dual purpose of fostering creativity while mitigating risks of AI-generated deepfakes, strategically positioning itself as a key player in an era where timely and engaging social media content is paramount.

The launch of Diffuse in select markets, such as South Africa and India, underscores Higgsfield’s commitment to understanding user needs and preventing misuse of AI-generated content. As concerns around AI-generated deepfakes persist, Higgsfield aims to implement AI watermarking on its platform and collaborate with industry leaders to authenticate and attribute content effectively.



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