Pika adds generative AI sound effects to its video maker

Key Points:

  • Pika introduces new feature for automatically generating sound effects for AI videos
  • Pika provides an all-in-one platform for generative AI video creation
  • Pika’s sound effects feature enhances AI video creation and is part of its Pro subscription model


Pika, a rising star in the AI video creation space, has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature that allows users to automatically generate sound effects for their AI-made videos on the platform pika.art. This new addition complements the platform’s existing capabilities, such as generative AI video visuals and lip-syncing, to offer an all-encompassing solution for creators. By enabling users to produce sound effects within the app, Pika eliminates the need for external sources and speeds up the video production process.


The feature, currently available to super-collaborators or Pro subscription users, offers two methods for sound generation. The contextual generation relies on AI models to determine suitable audio for a clip based on the text prompt entered by the user. In contrast, the follow-up approach allows users to specify the type of sound they want, with the AI generating multiple options for selection. This innovation aims to streamline the video creation process and enhance the quality of AI-generated content.


While Pika leads the way in integrating sound effects directly into AI videos, competitors like ElevenLabs and Meta also explore similar technologies. However, Pika’s comprehensive approach to AI video production, incorporating visuals, voiceovers, and now sound effects, sets it apart in the fast-evolving creative AI industry. The company plans to refine and expand this feature based on user feedback, with the ultimate goal of making it accessible to all platform users.


With recent funding of $55 million, Pika is positioning itself as a formidable player in the creative AI landscape, challenging industry giants like OpenAI and Adobe. By continually innovating and enhancing its platform, Pika aims to provide creators with a seamless and comprehensive toolset for AI video production.



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