Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Key Points:

  • Adobe launches latest version of Adobe Express app in beta with Firefly AI integration
  • New features include “Text to Image” generator, “Generative Fill,” and “Text Effects”
  • Users can access Creative Cloud assets, preview and publish content, and leverage brand assets in the app


Adobe has unveiled the latest version of its Adobe Express app in beta, enhancing the mobile content creation experience by integrating Firefly AI models. This update empowers users to efficiently craft and modify social content through generative AI tools directly within the app, streamlining the design process. Notably, this move positions Adobe to better compete with Canva, which bolstered its offerings with AI tools in the previous year.


Among the key features introduced in the new version is the “Text to Image” generator, enabling users to rapidly generate images with Firefly generative AI, facilitating the creation of fresh looks for projects. Additionally, the “Generative Fill” functionality allows users to manipulate people or objects using text prompts, while the “Text Effects” feature enhances messages with diverse text stylings, catering to various design preferences.


Businesses, particularly small enterprises, can leverage these tools to enhance their promotional content by eliminating unwanted elements in photos. Meanwhile, creative professionals can expedite content creation on mobile for their social marketing strategies. Notably, Creative Cloud members can seamlessly access and work on creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator within Adobe Express, enhancing workflow efficiency.


The app’s capabilities extend beyond content creation, offering seamless previews and publication to popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Users can leverage branded assets, colors, and logos, expediting the design process and ensuring brand consistency. Additionally, a variety of video and multipage templates, along with access to Adobe Stock resources, are available to enrich design projects.


To access the new Adobe Express app in beta, Android users can download it from the Google Play store, while iOS users can sign up to gain access. This launch follows the recent collaboration between Adobe and TikTok, where TikTok’s AI-powered Creative Assistant became integrated directly into Adobe Express, enhancing content creation and marketing for businesses and creators.


Overall, Adobe’s integration of Firefly AI into its Adobe Express app signifies a significant step towards empowering users with cutting-edge tools for streamlined mobile content creation and design, further solidifying the company’s position in the competitive digital design landscape.



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