Resemble AI launches tool to make AI voice clones in a minute

Key Points:

  • Rapid Voice Cloning feature launched by Resemble AI
  • Significantly reduces time and sample requirements for voice cloning
  • Expected impact on content creators and personalized user experiences


Resemble AI has introduced a new feature called Rapid Voice Cloning, aimed at simplifying the voice cloning process for enterprise users. This technology allows users to create voice clones from short data sets in just about a minute, significantly reducing the time and effort required. By providing a clear audio sample lasting 10 seconds to 1 minute, users can generate custom voices with nuances and accents faithfully replicated.


The company showcased the capabilities of Rapid Voice Cloning through various voice clone samples and comparisons with existing models. While the technology promises rapid processing and accessibility, some limitations were observed during testing, such as difficulty recognizing certain accents and defaulting to American English. However, Resemble AI assures that the feature will ultimately support a wide range of English accents.


In addition to the new Rapid Voice Cloning, Resemble AI will continue offering its professional voice cloning option with broader language support and more advanced features like text-to-speech and speech-to-speech capabilities. The company anticipates increased adoption of its technology, particularly among content creators looking to enhance their audio offerings through voiceovers, dubbing, narration, and personalized experiences.


Competing with other players like ElevenLabs in the voice cloning space, Resemble AI’s pricing plans start from $29/month, offering users the flexibility to explore and utilize the technology based on their needs. Whether for personal use or enterprise applications, Rapid Voice Cloning aims to revolutionize the voice cloning landscape and empower users with efficient, high-quality voice replication tools.



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