Day: March 29, 2024

Google DeepMind unveils ‘superhuman’ AI system that excels in fact-checking, saving costs and improving accuracy

Google’s DeepMind research unit has introduced a new method, the Search-Augmented Factuality Evaluator (SAFE), that uses artificial intelligence to assess the accuracy of information generated by large language models. SAFE breaks down text into individual facts and cross-references them with Google Search results to determine their correctness. A study revealed that SAFE’s assessments matched human […]

Microsoft’s new safety system can catch hallucinations in its customers’ AI apps

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer of responsible AI, Sarah Bird, has unveiled new safety features designed to enhance Azure AI security without the need for specialized red teams. These tools, leveraging the power of LLM technology, aim to identify vulnerabilities, prevent plausible but unsupported outcomes, and block malicious prompts in real-time.   The introduced tools include […]

Elon Musk’s updated Grok AI claims to be better at coding and math

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company, xAI, has unveiled an update for its chatbot named Grok-1.5, aimed at enhancing its capabilities in math, coding, and overall reasoning. The upgraded version boasts improved performance, with significant advancements in MATH benchmark scores, math word problems, and coding evaluations. xAI indicates that Grok-1.5 now competes closely with leading AI […]

OpenAI’s voice cloning AI model only needs a 15-second sample to work

OpenAI has introduced Voice Engine, a text-to-voice generation platform that can create a synthetic voice based on a short sample of someone’s voice. This AI-powered technology is being provided to select companies such as Age of Learning, HeyGen, Dimagi, Livox, and Lifespan for various applications including education, health, and communication.   The Voice Engine technology […]

University Leadership Suggest Using AI to Replace Striking Grad Students

Boston University’s Dean of Arts & Sciences, Stan Sclaroff, raised eyebrows with a proposal to substitute striking graduate students with generative AI tools, as reported by The Daily Beast. The suggestion was part of a set of ideas aimed at addressing disruptions caused by ongoing protests led by the Boston University Graduate Worker Union (BUGWU). […]

OpenAI and Microsoft reportedly planning $100 billion datacenter project for an AI supercomputer

Microsoft and OpenAI are collaborating on a significant endeavor to construct a cutting-edge AI-focused supercomputer within a massive datacenter, as per a report by _The Information_. This ambitious project is estimated to cost over $115 billion and aims to house millions of GPUs. The supercomputer, known as “Stargate” internally at OpenAI, is slated to be […]



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