Cohere to help businesses build AI using Slack, Google Drive data

Key Points:

  • Cohere has launched “build-your-own connectors” that facilitate the secure connection of company data from third-party applications to its AI platform, enhancing AI capabilities for businesses.
  • The introduction of these connectors allows enterprises to build AI assistants that leverage information from various tools for more accurate and contextually relevant responses, marking an improvement in the usefulness of conversational AI solutions for businesses.
  • Cohere’s increased visibility and impact in the AI industry is evidenced by its release of quick start connectors, as well as the rise in inquiries from businesses following events at OpenAI, reflecting its growing prominence in the market.


Cohere, a competitor to OpenAI, has introduced “build-your-own connectors” that allow companies to securely connect their data from third-party applications like Slack, Google Drive, and more to Cohere’s Command LLM. These connectors enable businesses to build AI assistants on Cohere’s upgraded AI platform, leveraging information from various tools for contextually relevant and accurate responses, thus improving the usefulness of conversational AI solutions for businesses. Additionally, Cohere is releasing about 100 quick start connectors on Github for popular applications, and has seen increased inquiries from businesses after the notable events at OpenAI, further highlighting its growing impact in the AI industry.



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