Day: March 30, 2024

This Is a Sputnik Moment’: NYC Is Adding AI Metal Detectors to the Subway

NYC Mayor Eric Adams introduced a plan to boost subway safety by implementing AI-powered metal detectors to identify guns on individuals without flagging non-threatening items like phones. Despite a slightly delayed response, the detectors performed well during a recent demonstration. Produced by Evolv, the detectors utilize AI technology to differentiate between various metal objects quickly. […]

This four-legged robot learned parkour to better navigate obstacles

ETH Zurich researchers have enhanced their four-legged robot, ANYmal, enabling it to perform basic parkour moves such as jumping across gaps and climbing obstacles. The robot, originally introduced in 2019 with reinforcement learning, has now improved proprioception to sense movement better.   In previous experiments, a team led by Nikita Rudin showcased a trio of […]

SambaNova announces new AI Samba-CoE v0.2 that already beats Databricks DBRX

SambaNova Systems, the AI chip-maker, has achieved a significant milestone with its Samba-CoE v0.2 Large Language Model (LLM), surpassing competitors in speed and efficiency. Operating at an impressive rate of 330 tokens per second, the model outperforms recent models like DBRX from Databricks, MistralAI’s Mixtral-8x7B, and Grok-1 by Elon Musk’s xAI. Notably, this feat is […]

Is AI’s next big leap understanding emotion? $50M for Hume says yes

Hume AI, a startup co-founded by former Google DeepMind researcher Alan Cowen, recently secured $50 million in a Series B funding round led by EQT Ventures. The startup’s focus lies in developing an AI assistant and API that can understand and respond to human emotions, even in voice conversations. Unlike traditional text-based chatbots, Hume AI’s […]

Taiwan produces 90% of the world’s AI servers – raising concerns as US-China trade conflicts continue to simmer

Taiwan currently maintains a dominant position in the global artificial intelligence (AI) server market, controlling a staggering 90% share according to a recent report by DigiTimes. This success was underscored during a briefing held by the Taiwanese government, with President-elect Lai Ching-te and 20 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry leaders in attendance. The event, […]

The White House plans to regulate the government’s use of AI

The Biden administration has declared its commitment to promoting responsible artificial intelligence (AI) use within the US government. By December 1, 2024, all federal agencies are mandated to implement AI “safeguards” to ensure citizens’ safety. These safeguards will involve assessing, testing, and monitoring AI applications to prevent discrimination and enhance transparency in government AI utilization. […]



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