The White House plans to regulate the government’s use of AI

Key Points:

  • All US federal agencies must have AI “safeguards” by December 1, 2024
  • The government aims to ensure AI is used responsibly and without discrimination
  • Government agencies must comply with safeguard requirements or cease AI system usage


The Biden administration has declared its commitment to promoting responsible artificial intelligence (AI) use within the US government. By December 1, 2024, all federal agencies are mandated to implement AI “safeguards” to ensure citizens’ safety. These safeguards will involve assessing, testing, and monitoring AI applications to prevent discrimination and enhance transparency in government AI utilization.


The move emphasizes the importance of prioritizing people’s well-being and ensuring that agencies manage AI risks effectively. This initiative builds on President Biden’s previous executive order focusing on the safety and security aspects of AI implementation in government operations.

Concerns have arisen regarding the potential misuse of AI by government entities, especially in areas like law enforcement and public policy. The administration aims to address such apprehensions by implementing safeguards. Examples provided include giving travelers the option to avoid facial-recognition tools at airports and requiring human verification of AI-generated health care information.


The White House directive mandates all government agencies to comply with these safeguard requirements, with limited exceptions granted for specific scenarios where risk mitigation measures are justified. Agencies unable to adhere to the safeguards will be required to cease using AI systems unless there are compelling reasons to do otherwise.



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