AI-powered robot maker Covariant debuts RFM-1, a ‘robot language’

Key Points:

  • Covariant launches RFM-1, an AI program for robot language akin to a large language model.
  • RFM-1 aims to imbue robots with human-like reasoning capabilities.
  • RFM-1 seeks to power robots across various industries.


Covariant has unveiled RFM-1, an innovative AI program that functions as a large language model specifically designed for robots. The ultimate goal is to equip robots with human-like reasoning capabilities, enabling them to perform complex tasks across various industries. Drawing from a rich dataset obtained through Covariant’s Brain AI program, RFM-1 marks a significant advancement in robotic technology beyond basic repetitive functions. CEO Peter Chen envisions this model to serve as the driving force behind the future proliferation of robots in sectors like manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, and even household chores. However, as robots with increased cognitive abilities emerge, concerns arise about the potential impact on human job roles. Covariant acknowledges the need for dialogue on upskilling the workforce to navigate this evolving landscape. While advancements in robot hardware align with the intelligence breakthrough represented by RFM-1, Chen emphasizes that the industry is yet to achieve full maturity in marrying these elements successfully. The intersection of intelligent AI like RFM-1 and cutting-edge robot hardware holds promise for a new wave of robotic applications, although substantial development is still required to bridge existing gaps in technology and user experience.



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