AI speeding up oil extraction and boosting US crude output

Key Points:

  • AI revolutionizing the oil industry
  • AI increasing drilling speed and reducing costs
  • Machine learning predicting equipment failures to prevent downtime


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making significant waves in the oil industry, with offshore drillers like Nabors Industries Ltd experiencing transformative effects. Houston-based Corva LLC’s AI technology enables autonomous control of drilling rigs, boosting drilling speeds by at least 30% while streamlining operations. The implementation of AI has led to a notable decrease in the number of commands required to operate the rigs, marking a substantial advancement in efficiency. Companies like Nabors Industries leveraging AI solutions are witnessing cost savings in the range of 25-50%, underlining the financial benefits linked with this technological shift.


Furthermore, AI is being trialed in offshore oil fields with promising results. Companies such as SLB are reporting significant time efficiencies as they look to autonomous AI control for all their wells in the foreseeable future. The aim is to drive down costs per barrel, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions, emphasizing the industry’s commitment towards sustainability and innovation.


Approaching AI from a preventive maintenance perspective, Hilcorp Energy Co stands out for its use of machine learning to anticipate equipment failures before they occur, effectively preventing operational downtime. By leveraging predictive analytics, the company estimates averting approximately half a billion cubic feet of gas production losses due to unforeseen malfunctions. This proactive approach underscores Hilcorp’s dedication to operational efficiency and continuous improvement.


In an industry where precision and optimization are paramount, Lisa Helper of Hilcorp highlighted the pivotal role of AI and machine learning in refining workforce operations. By seamlessly integrating these technologies across field operations, office functions, and subsurface analysis, companies like Hilcorp are achieving leaner and more agile operations, ensuring optimal productivity and resource utilization.



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