AMD’s customers begin receiving the first Instinct MI300X AI GPUs — the company’s toughest competitor to Nvidia’s AI dominance is now shipping

Key Points:

  • LaminiAI is among the first to receive and use AMD’s Instinct MI300X GPUs, utilizing them for large language models (LLMs).
  • The Instinct MI300X boasts impressive specifications, outperforming Nvidia’s H100 80GB and positioning itself as a strong competitor in the market.
  • AMD’s strategic move to ship the Instinct MI300X signals the company’s ambition to make a significant impact in the AI and HPC sectors.


LaminiAI CEO Sharon Zhou shared exciting news that AMD has commenced shipping its Instinct MI300X GPUs, specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. LaminiAI, a company set to utilize these accelerators for large language models (LLMs), is among the first to receive multiple machines equipped with these GPUs. The Instinct MI300X, a sibling of AMD’s Instinct MI300A, boasts impressive specifications, including a high number of CDNA 3 chiplets and 192 GB of HBM3 memory. Notably, the performance of the Instinct MI300X surpasses that of Nvidia’s H100 80GB, making it a promising competitor in the market. This development marks an important milestone for AMD as it strives to make a significant impact in the AI and HPC sectors.



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