As more governments look at AI rules, Accenture tests software to help companies comply

Key Points:

  • Generative AI models at companies can lead to compliance risks due to modifications and fine-tuning.
  • The Data Provenance Initiative found improperly licensed data in many generative AI model implementations.
  • EQTY lab’s software uses blockchain to create an immutable fingerprint of AI models and track their components.


In a world where the inner workings of AI models often resemble a mysterious black box, EQTY lab emerges as a beacon of clarity and accountability. With their innovative software, they aim to revolutionize the world of generative AI models by providing a solution that ensures transparency and integrity from inception to implementation.


The Data Provenance Initiative sheds light on a common dilemma: the presence of improperly licensed data within AI models, posing a significant challenge for tracking and compliance. Enter EQTY, offering a unique approach that involves creating a cryptographic fingerprint stored on a blockchain, safeguarding against tampering and ensuring an immutable record of the model’s evolution.


Choosing blockchain technology over traditional methods might seem unconventional, but EQTY’s rationale is clear: simplicity and efficiency. By maintaining a decentralized ledger of the AI model’s components, EQTY ensures that every modification, training iteration, and performance benchmark is meticulously recorded, providing companies with a comprehensive audit trail.


For companies entrusting third parties with implementing AI technology, EQTY’s software serves as a guardian of authenticity, verifying that the model used is indeed the one paid for. The concept of a cryptographic signature acting as a seal of quality echoes the familiar reassurance of an SSL certificate securing online connections.


As a testament to their prowess, EQTY labs crafted ClimateGPT, a large language model, using their software to monitor the entire development process. Their decision to open-source the technology highlights a commitment to accessibility, while offering the AI Integrity Suite as a premium enterprise solution attests to their value proposition in ensuring AI accountability.


In a landscape where complexity often obscures transparency, EQTY lab emerges as a trailblazer, reshaping the narrative of AI integrity with innovation, reliability, and a touch of blockchain brilliance.



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