CEO Says Later This Year, Your AI Will Be Able to Attend Meetings For You


Otter CEO, Sam Liang, aims to revolutionize work meetings with AI avatars that can attend meetings, take notes, and participate on behalf of their human counterparts. Liang predicts a “working prototype” will be ready later this year, offering a provocative glimpse into the future of work. These AI doppelgängers would resemble their human counterparts, answering questions and even asking their own. While this concept may streamline meetings, concerns arise regarding isolation and the potential impact on workplace dynamics.


Liang envisions these AI avatars possessing the ability to mimic human appearance and speech, aiming to address 90% of queries from colleagues. However, the complexity of building such technology means it will undergo multiple iterative stages. Emotional intelligence and knowledge retention are crucial for these avatars to participate productively in meetings.


The potential benefits include boosting productivity, allowing employees to focus on creative tasks rather than attending numerous meetings. Yet, there are concerns about the loss of proximity and interaction between staff, especially younger workers and higher-level managers. This technology could exacerbate the disconnect caused by remote work.


While the timeline for this innovation remains uncertain, the emergence of AI companies in the workplace signals a shift in how we perceive work dynamics. As the world of work evolves, the implications of AI avatars on conference calls raise questions about the future of work life and interpersonal relationships within organizations.



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