Cognition emerges from stealth to launch AI software engineer Devin

Key Points:

  • Devin, a fully autonomous AI software engineer, can handle entire development projects end-to-end.
  • Devin marks a significant shift by providing engineers with a full-fledged AI worker rather than just a coding assistant like Github Copilot.
  • Devin’s ability to complete software engineering tasks independently was demonstrated in the SWE-bench test, outperforming other AI models.


Cognition, a new AI startup backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and tech leaders like former Twitter executive Elad Gil and Doordash co-founder Tony Xu, has unveiled an autonomous AI software engineer named “Devin.” Unlike existing coding assistants such as Github Copilot, Devin boasts the ability to manage full development projects independently from writing code to executing tasks.


Devin’s unique feature positions it as a valuable tool for developers and engineers, enabling them to delegate tasks to the AI worker while focusing on more creative responsibilities that demand human intelligence. This shift in the AI-assisted development sphere marks a significant advancement, offering engineers a comprehensive AI collaborator rather than a mere code-generating assistant.


However, access to Devin currently remains limited to select customers, including Bloomberg journalist Ashlee Vance, who shared his experience using the software. Through a chatbot-style interface, users interact with Devin by inputting natural language prompts, allowing the AI to strategize, execute complex tasks, write code, fix bugs, and report real-time progress.


Devin showcases its capabilities in various engineering projects, from app deployment to bug fixing and model fine-tuning, as demonstrated through actual tasks and challenges. Notably, in comparison tests with other AI assistants like Claude 2, SWE-Llama-13b, and GPT-4, Devin exhibited a high success rate in resolving issues end-to-end independently.


Despite the promising performance of Devin, Cognition has not disclosed the core technology behind its AI software engineer. While the AI-driven software development landscape has seen notable offerings like GitHub Copilot and Replit, Cognition’s Devin stands out for its project-handling abilities. The company teases at future expansions into other disciplines beyond coding, hinting at the potential launch of similar AI agents.


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As Cognition continues to refine and expand access to Devin, the AI software engineer represents a significant leap in AI-assisted software development, laying the groundwork for potential advancements in work automation supervised by human users. With a solid foundation and promising performance, Devin offers a glimpse into a future where AI workers play a more prominent role alongside human expertise in various industries.



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