Cognizant launches state-of-the-art San Francisco lab to boost enterprise AI adoption

Key Points:

  • Cognizant has launched a dedicated AI lab focused on commercializing AI technologies to address the growing demand and dissatisfaction among executives.
  • The AI lab in San Francisco is staffed with top researchers, developers, and AI pioneers with a focus on innovation in AI systems and technologies.
  • The lab collaborates with academic institutions, emphasizes uncertainty modeling, decision-making complexity, and is part of Cognizant’s broader $1 billion investment strategy in generative AI.


Cognizant, a renowned provider of IT, consulting, and business services, has unveiled an AI lab in San Francisco to accelerate the commercialization of artificial intelligence technologies. Fueled by the surging demand for AI solutions and corporate leaders’ discontent with progress in this realm, the lab aims to pioneer cutting-edge AI IP and solutions.


Led by Babak Hodjat, Cognizant’s AI lab houses a distinguished team of researchers and developers, striving to lead through innovation in AI systems and technologies. With a robust portfolio of patents and a focus on modernization and innovation, the lab aims to steer AI’s application in business while fostering collaborative ties with academic institutions like Stanford University and the University of Texas.


The lab’s current 18-member team is poised for expansion, intending to triple staff numbers and integrate additional functions this year. Projects emphasize AI’s role in decision-making and productivity, tackling uncertainties and complex decision processes. Cognizant’s strategic collaboration with academia and its broader $1 billion investment in generative AI underscore its commitment to spearheading responsible AI development.



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