Disney unveils AI-powered ad tool for tailored streaming commercials

Key Points:

  • “Disney’s Magic Words” AI tool aims to revolutionize advertising on Disney+ and Hulu
  • Technology analyzes scenes within Disney’s content library for contextual advertising
  • Tool praised by industry experts for connecting advertisers with consumer emotions


Disney has unveiled, “Disney’s Magic Words,” an AI-powered tool set to revolutionize advertising on Disney+ and Hulu. This technology harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to analyze scenes across Disney’s vast content library. By tagging scenes with metadata encompassing content details, brands, imagery, and mood, the tool enables advertisers to craft targeted ads that align seamlessly with the emotional and thematic context of specific scenes.


Departing from traditional demographic targeting, “Disney’s Magic Words” offers advertisers a more personalized approach to engage viewers based on the content they are consuming. Geoffrey Calabrese, Chief Investment Officer at Omnicom Media Group, lauds the tool for its potential to forge deeper connections between advertisers and consumers at a nuanced level. Noteworthy beta partners include industry giants like Dentsu, GroupM, Horizon Media, IPG Mediabrands, and Publicis Media.


The technology wowed audiences at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, where Rita Ferro, Disney’s head of ad sales, underscored its capacity to elevate ad impact by aligning them with viewer experiences. This unveiling comes at a time when advertisers are pivoting from traditional TV to streaming platforms, reflecting evolving consumer preferences. Despite a slight dip in advertising revenue in the recent fiscal quarter, Disney remains bullish on the future of streaming ads. CEO Bob Iger highlighted the success of the ad-supported Disney+ version, attracting over 1,000 advertisers in its debut quarter.


Joe Earley, President of Disney’s direct-to-consumer business, commended Disney’s swift adoption of advanced ad tech, citing the seamless integration of Hulu’s ad-supported service expertise dating back to 2008. Leveraging years of refinement, Disney+ hit the ground running with these ad technologies, setting the stage for a dynamic future in streaming advertising. With “Disney’s Magic Words” paving the way for a new era of contextual advertising, Disney is poised to captivate audiences and advertisers alike with tailored, emotionally resonant ad experiences.



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