Embattled Sheriff Caught Posting AI-Generated Headlines About How She’s Awesome

Key Points:

  • Dozens of articles on Sheriff Rochelle Bilal’s campaign website were generated using AI’s ChatGPT
  • Generated articles falsely promoted the sheriff’s accomplishments in office
  • The AI-generated articles were created by an outside consultant and not fact-checked


Philadelphia’s Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, known for winning reelection last November, faced a shocking revelation as her campaign’s positive press turned out to be the work of AI. The _Philadelphia Inquirer_ uncovered that the numerous articles boosting Bilal’s image were actually crafted by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Despite being elected in 2019 with promises to cleanse the sheriff’s office of corruption, Bilal’s term has been marred by controversy, including accusations of running a slush fund and misconduct.


The campaign website boasted 31 fabricated headlines, glorifying Bilal’s supposed accomplishments, all courtesy of an unidentified consultant utilizing ChatGPT. Strangely, nobody seemed to have noticed the AI-generated content until recently, raising questions about oversight and accountability. The AI-generated ‘fake news’ aimed to support Bilal’s initiatives, leaving many wondering about the consultant’s role and motivations in resorting to AI.


Even local media outlets like _NBC10_ were unknowingly implicated in this AI-generated charade, with a video cited by the Sheriff’s Office found to predate Bilal’s tenure. The Sheriff’s Office and _NBC10_ have vaguely acknowledged the situation, but the lack of transparency only fuels speculation about the extent of AI’s influence and the campaign’s knowledge of its use.


While the Sheriff’s Office remains tight-lipped amid media scrutiny, the lingering mysteries surrounding this AI scandal add a layer of intrigue to Bilal’s tarnished reputation. As AI continues to infiltrate various facets of our lives, even shaping political narratives, the ramifications of this unconventional campaign tactic reverberate beyond Philly’s boundaries.




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