Forrester study finds retailers struggling to adopt AI despite enthusiasm


Retailers are keen on implementing AI to enhance operations and drive revenue, but face hurdles due to inadequate data management practices and technical expertise. A research study commissioned by Epicor found that while 70% of retailers recognize the importance of an AI-powered retail management system, only a small percentage currently leverage advanced AI, with data quality and management being significant barriers.

  • Retailers lack usable data for gaining business insights and struggle with data silos, highlighting the need for investment in data infrastructure, governance, and internal education to capitalize on AI’s potential.
  • Retailers are enthusiastic about adopting AI to improve operations and boost revenue, but many lack the data management practices and technical expertise needed.
  • According to the study, poor data quality and management, along with a lack of technical skills, hinder retailers from effectively implementing AI solutions.


Investment in proper data infrastructure, governance, and internal education is essential to capitalize on AI’s potential in enhancing operational efficiency, forecasting demand, and delivering superior customer experiences.



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