Gemini Rising: Google Pitches an AI Model to Challenge ChatGPT Plus for $20 a Month

Key Points:

  • Google rebranded Bard to Gemini
  • Gemini Advanced challenges ChatGPT Plus
  • Google focuses heavily on AI development


Google has thrown down the gauntlet in the world of AI with the rebranding of Bard to Gemini and the launch of its premium tier, Gemini Advanced. Sundar Pichai hailed this move as ‘the next step in the Gemini era,’ positioning Google to take on heavyweights like ChatGPT Plus. Despite keeping its core technology unchanged, the transition to Gemini signifies Google’s strategic intent to create a holistic AI ecosystem, expanding its applications from SEO and Google Ads to other core products in the pipeline.


Gemini Advanced uses Gemini Ultra 1.0, directly challenging ChatGPT Plus with its robust multimodal capabilities at a competitive price point. This development aligns with Google’s overarching AI strategy, evident in recent initiatives such as the introduction of AI features in Pixel phones and investments in Anthropic. The rollout of ImageFX, surpassing existing image generation models, further cements Google’s AI prowess and underlines its focus on innovation and growth.


Amidst Google’s recent restructuring efforts and renewed emphasis on AI, investors have responded positively, driving the company’s stock price upwards. The surge in stock value and Google’s heightened focus on AI innovation mirror the trajectories of other tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta, which have experienced substantial growth catalyzed by the AI frenzy.



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