Google Cloud rolls out new gen AI products for retailers

Key Points:

  • Google Cloud unveiled new generative AI products at the National Retailer Association’s annual conference to assist retailers in personalizing online shopping experiences and streamlining back-office operations.
  • The Conversational Commerce Solution and Catalog and Content Enrichment toolset are intended to enhance customer interactions and automate the generation of product descriptions, metadata, and images.
  • Retailers, including industry giants like Walmart and Amazon, are showing interest in adopting gen AI technology at a rapid pace, despite concerns over the quality and performance of such solutions.


Google Cloud has unveiled new generative AI products designed to help retailers personalize their online shopping experiences and streamline their back-office operations, coinciding with the National Retailer Association’s annual conference in NYC.


One of Google Cloud’s new products, Conversational Commerce Solution, allows retailers to embed gen AI-powered agents on their websites and mobile apps, enabling conversations with shoppers in a natural language and providing tailored product suggestions based on individual preferences.


Additionally, Google Cloud introduced a Catalog and Content Enrichment toolset that uses gen AI models to automatically generate product descriptions, metadata, categorization suggestions, and even new product images from existing ones, with a focus on continuously improving the tools and incorporating human review in processes.


In a related announcement, Google also unveiled a retail-specific Distributed Cloud Edge device, designed to reduce IT costs and resource investments around retail gen AI, with a managed self-contained hardware kit to be available in a range of sizes from single-server to multi-server configurations.


There is a growing interest in gen AI adoption among retailers, with giants like Walmart and Amazon already heavily investing in gen AI for various applications, and according to a poll conducted by Google, a majority of retail decision makers feel the urgency and readiness to deploy gen AI technology in areas such as customer service automation, marketing support, product description generation, creative assistance, conversational commerce, and store associate knowledge and support.



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