Ikea’s AI assistant gives design inspiration — at least it tries to

Key Points:

  • Ikea’s AI assistant is aimed at helping customers with product information and room visualization.
  • Despite the potential benefits, the Ikea GPT was found to be lacking in interior design guidance.
  • Browsing the Ikea website for design ideas was considered easier and more efficient than using the AI assistant.


Ikea is ushering in the era of AI assistants with its very own GPT Store companion. Imagine walking through the labyrinth of blue and yellow, only to be greeted by a digital brain eagerly waiting to decode your design dilemmas. Enter Ikea’s AI assistant, a virtual guide ready to shed light on product details and help you envision them in your space.


Francesco Marzoni of Ingka Group believes this AI experiment is just the tip of the iceberg in their quest to stay ahead in the realm of artificial intelligence and shape their company strategy. However, does this digital assistant truly deliver on its promise of simplifying the Ikea experience, or is it more adept at redirecting you to the website than revamping your living room?


In a quest for storage solutions, our intrepid explorer requested insights from the Ikea GPT only to be nudged towards the Ikea US website. While the AI’s attempt to conjure images of a living room might charm some, it left our design-savvy protagonist craving for more personalized input. When probed about the Kallax shelf’s potential in a midcentury modern setting, the artificial mind conjured images with captions touting its versatility.


Yet, when the challenge of locating a nightstand in the Brooklyn store arose, the assistant found itself stuck in a virtual limbo, leaving our hero with flashbacks of navigating Ikea’s elusive stock information. Despite these hurdles, the browsing experience on the Ikea website remained a beacon of design inspiration, rendering the AI assistant’s prompts to visit the site redundant.


While the Ikea GPT may not have aced the design consultancy test, its potential shines in aiding overwhelmed customers meandering through the aisles of the Ikea marketplace. Picture this – a world where your pocket AI can unravel the mysteries of every Ikea product at your fingertips, alleviating the need to play hide-and-seek with elusive staff.


From smart home products to virtual design features, Ikea has dabbled in tech innovations before, planting seeds for a digital revolution in the realm of home decor. Despite personal reservations about AI overlordship, the allure of Ikea’s GPT remains an intriguing prospect for ChatGPT Plus users – hinting at a future where digital assistants roam the virtual halls of every home improvement store.



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