Inflection AI launches new model for Pi chatbot, nearly matches GPT-4

Key Points:

  • Inflection AI announced new foundation model Inflection-2.5 outperforming Inflection-1 and nearly matching OpenAI’s GPT-4.
  • Inflection-2.5 powers Pi assistant to compete with ChatGPT and Gemini, showcasing unique empathetic fine-tuning and high EQ.
  • The upgraded model shows improvements over Inflection-1 across benchmarks, achieving 94% GPT-4 level performance with more efficient training.


Inflection AI, a startup co-founded by Mustafa Suleyman and Reid Hoffman, has introduced a new foundation model called Inflection-2.5. This upgraded model surpasses their previous version, Inflection-1, and nearly matches OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in performance, particularly in STEM subjects. Inflection-2.5 now powers the Pi assistant, which competes with ChatGPT and Gemini. It offers users a mobile and web testing platform, positioning it as a direct contender in the evolving AI landscape challenging OpenAI’s dominance.


The company’s focus has been on developing an AI that embodies empathy and safety, standing out for its personalized and conversational approach compared to other models like the GPT series. The Pi assistant, underpinned by the Inflection-2.5 model, exhibits a unique personality and high emotional quotient, leveraging empathetic fine-tuning to enhance user interactions.


With the release of Inflection-2.5, the startup aims to enhance its IQ capabilities, particularly in fields like physics and mathematics. Users conversing with Pi can explore a wide range of topics, from hobbies to academic discussions, showcasing the upgraded model’s versatility and adaptability.


Despite not surpassing GPT-4 in performance benchmarks, Inflection-2.5 demonstrates significant improvements over its predecessor, Inflection-1. For instance, it achieved an 85.5 score on the MMLU benchmark, closely trailing GPT-4. The model showed promising results in STEM exams, such as scoring well in mathematics and physics, showcasing its potential across various tasks and subjects.


Highlighting its efficiency, Inflection-2.5 achieved 94% of GPT-4’s performance level with only 40% of the training compute—a notable feat attributed to its streamlined training process. Moreover, the model integrates real-time web search capabilities, ensuring users receive updated information on current events, further enhancing the user experience.


The Pi chatbot, powered by Inflection-2.5, has garnered significant user engagement and organic growth, indicating a positive reception to the upgraded model. With millions of active users across various platforms, the chatbot has facilitated billions of conversations, showcasing its popularity and impact in the AI assistant market.


As Inflection AI continues to innovate and refine its AI technologies, the release of the Inflection-2.5 model exemplifies the company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions and competing with industry leaders in the AI sector.



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