InvGate’s AI Hub automatically generates knowledge articles from IT incidents

Key Points:

  • Creation of a knowledge base for employees and contractors
  • Introduction of InvGate’s AI Hub tool for automatic knowledge base generation
  • Usage of AI summarization and conversational interfaces for knowledge consumption


InvGate, a Buenos Aires-based company, has introduced their latest innovation, the AI Hub, which leverages advanced language models to automate the creation of knowledge base articles. This tool streamlines the process of generating instructional content by transforming incident response conversations into informative entries. Users can choose specific interactions to convert, resulting in both traditional written articles and interactive chatbot versions. This technology is included as an update in existing pricing plans for customers using InvGate’s IT Service, Enterprise, or Asset Management platforms.


By utilizing Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI cloud service and local open-source models like Meta’s Llama 2, InvGate ensures a secure and flexible backend for its AI Hub. Customers have the option to control the information shared with the AI Hub, fostering data privacy and compliance. This approach caters to diverse user preferences and safeguards sensitive data, aligning with the company’s commitment to providing reliable solutions for IT management and customer support.


InvGate has established a strong presence in the industry, servicing prominent organizations such as NASA, McDonald’s, PwC, and Toyota. The company’s success lies in its ability to deliver efficient IT asset management tools and responsive customer service software. With the introduction of the AI Hub, InvGate aims to enhance its offerings further, empowering IT teams to address issues expeditiously and enhance overall operational effectiveness.



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