Jamix emerges with $3M pre-seed and model-agnostic enterprise AI assistant

Key Points:

  • Jamix offers a secure, model-agnostic AI assistant to enhance workplace productivity while maintaining security.
  • Jamix’s approach allows integration with existing workplace software apps, providing search across apps, chat with apps and data, and the initiation of actions within workplace apps.
  • Jamix prioritizes user privacy by encrypting customer data, maintaining agreements with AI model providers, and offering model agnosticism to adapt to evolving AI technologies.


Jamix, a San Francisco enterprise AI startup founded by former Instagram and Airbnb engineers, has emerged to address the challenge of integrating generative AI assistants within companies without compromising data privacy. With $3 million in pre-seed funding, Jamix aims to offer a secure and model-agnostic AI assistant to boost workplace productivity.


Co-founders Matt Zitzmann and Conglei Shi, with solid tech backgrounds including Google, Meta, and Airbnb, lead Jamix. Their vision is to enable AI to reach its full potential by connecting it to a company’s data, applications, and APIs without compromising security. Jamix’s solution integrates with popular workplace software like Google Workspace and Slack, enhancing user experience.
Jamix’s AI assistant performs tasks in three key areas for businesses:


1. Search Across Apps: Provides a unified search bar across different applications to streamline information retrieval.


2. Chat with Apps and Data: Enables conversational interactions to extract specific details from documents and applications effortlessly.


3. Initiate Actions: Acts as an AI agent to facilitate tasks within workplace apps, automating processes and saving time.
By encrypting customer data and forming agreements with AI model providers like OpenAI, Jamix ensures data privacy and security. Its model-agnostic approach allows for flexibility, adapting to different AI technologies in a rapidly evolving landscape.


The $3 million funding, led by Audacious Ventures and angel investors, underscores industry support for Jamix’s innovative approach to AI in the workplace. Co-founder Zitzmann stresses the company’s dedication to integrating AI deeply while safeguarding data and providing model flexibility.


Nakul Mandan from Audacious Ventures commended Jamix for catering to enterprise needs, envisioning a future where AI assistants enhance productivity while respecting data security. Jamix’s launch signifies a new entrant in the AI assistant market, offering secure and adaptable solutions for businesses seeking improved operational efficiency.



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