Liquid AI, a new MIT spinoff, wants to build an entirely new type of AI

Key Points:

  • Liquid AI, a startup co-founded by Daniela Rus, has raised $37.5 million to develop general-purpose AI systems powered by liquid neural networks.
  • Liquid neural networks have a small, flexible architecture that requires less computing power and shows strong potential for autonomous navigation and adaptability in unfamiliar environments.
  • Liquid AI aims to compete with leading generative AI companies by commercializing their liquid neural network technology and providing on-premises and private AI infrastructure for customers.


Liquid AI, a startup co-founded by robotics expert Daniela Rus along with Ramin Hasani, Mathias Lechner, and Alexander Amini, has raised a substantial amount of $37.5 million in funding from various VCs and organizations. The startup is focused on developing general-purpose AI systems powered by liquid neural networks, which are characterized by a small, flexible architecture requiring less computing power and featuring adaptability to changing circumstances. These liquid neural networks have demonstrated strong potential in applications such as autonomous navigation, showing the ability to adapt in unfamiliar environments.



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