Mark Zuckerberg woos Big Tech in Asia to double down on AI chips

Key Points:

  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to beef up cooperation with Samsung Electronics for AI chips.
  • Meta is focusing on developing cutting-edge AI processors for its social media and hardware devices businesses.
  • Meta is also expanding cooperation in the artificial intelligence and extended reality industries with companies like Samsung and LG.


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been actively engaging in discussions with tech leaders in Asia, aiming to enhance cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and semiconductor technology. During his visit to South Korea, Zuckerberg expressed Meta’s interest in bolstering collaboration with Samsung Electronics to develop AI chips as a strategic move to mitigate geopolitical risks associated with Taiwan, home to leading chipmaker TSMC.


The focus on AI processors underscores the critical role of advanced chip technologies in driving innovation in AI and related industries. Zuckerberg met with Samsung executives to explore potential partnerships in AI chips, semiconductors, and extended reality technologies. Concurrently, TSMC is expanding its chip production capacity in Japan to diversify its supply chain amid escalating global tech tensions.


Zuckerberg’s discussions with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida centered on advancing AI and semiconductor capabilities in Japan, emphasizing the country’s aspirations to revitalize its semiconductor industry. The ongoing global competition for AI chips, dominated by companies like Nvidia, underscores the urgency for tech players to secure cutting-edge technologies and move towards self-sufficiency in chip production.


In parallel, Meta has been focusing on developing its own AI chip, Artemis, to power its data centers, aligning with the broader trend of major tech firms investing in AI hardware solutions. Collaboration with LG Electronics in the extended reality (XR) space further demonstrates Meta’s strategic partnerships to drive innovation in XR devices and content delivery. LG’s interest in Meta’s technology showcases the potential for synergies between both companies in advancing XR capabilities for consumer devices like TVs.


LG’s strategic shift towards growth areas such as smart homes, IoT, EV components, and AI platforms aligns with its vision for developing XR devices by forming dedicated teams for XR innovation. The collaboration with Meta presents LG with an opportunity to leverage Meta’s expertise in AI and XR technologies while diversifying its product offerings in the post-mobile business era.


As tech giants navigate the evolving landscape of AI and semiconductor development, strategic collaborations and technology partnerships remain key drivers of innovation and market competitiveness. Meta’s engagements with industry leaders in Asia reflect a broader trend towards fostering cross-company collaborations to accelerate advancements in AI, semiconductor technologies, and XR platforms.



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