Most Top News Sites Block AI Bots. Right-Wing Media Welcomes Them

Key Points:

  • Over 88 percent of top news outlets in the US currently block web crawlers used by artificial intelligence companies to collect training data for chatbots and other AI projects.
  • Right-wing news outlets, including Fox News, the Daily Caller, and Breitbart, mostly permit AI web crawlers and have not blocked prominent AI scrapers such as GPTBot and Google’s AI data collection bot.
  • Concerns are raised about the potential impact of AI models on ideological bias and political leanings, as well as the ethical and legal implications of data scraping for AI training data.


The chaotic web of online media is given more layers than an onion as news outlets step up maneuvers against AI data collection. The left and right clash in a digital battleground of bots and bias, with nine out of ten liberal-leaning news sites now blocking AI web crawlers. A cacophony of debate ensues, with conservatives staying surprisingly silent, either unleashing a cunning ploy to outfox the left or merely flouting their intentions. With AI models often reflecting the political slant of their training data, could this digital tit-for-tat be the right’s rebellion against perceived liberal indoctrination? As the battle rages on, questions of copyright infringement and potential for bias are flung into the ring, conjuring sparks of fierce ideological discord.



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