OpenAI’s board approached Anthropic CEO about top job and merger


In a tale of boardroom drama and potential AI power moves, OpenAI’s directors have apparently been making some interesting phone calls. According to insiders, they reached out to Anthropic’s CEO, Dario Amodei, with a proposal to replace their own chief, Sam Altman, and possibly merge the two AI startups. However, it seems that Amodei politely declined both offers, leaving us all wondering what could have been.


Now, if you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, didn’t Altman just get ousted?” Well, you’re absolutely right. The OpenAI board recently bid adieu to Altman and has been on the hunt for his successor. In the meantime, they’ve enlisted the help of ex-Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as their interim chief. But the plot thickens! Altman himself has decided to hop on board the Microsoft train, along with other key personnel from OpenAI. Talk about a shake-up!


To add even more fuel to this AI fire, it turns out that the co-founders of Anthropic used to be executives at OpenAI until 2020. They parted ways due to disagreements about the safe development and governance of AI. Anthropic has attracted investments from big players like Google and Amazon, and their AI models have been competing with OpenAI’s famous GPT series.


In the end, it’s all just another day in the wild world of AI startups. Who will end up on top? Will there be a merger? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the AI industry is definitely keeping us on our toes!


Key points:

  • OpenAI’s board approached Anthropic’s CEO about replacing their own chief and merging the two startups, but were politely declined.
  • Altman, the former OpenAI CEO, has joined forces with Microsoft, along with other key personnel from OpenAI. The co-founders of Anthropic have broken away from OpenAI due to disagreements about AI’s safe development and governance.
  • Anthropic has received investments from Google and Amazon, and their AI models are competing with OpenAI’s GPT series.



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